Aviator monthly – April 2024

BOEING 737MAX course. Enrol now.

We’re pleased to announce we have added a Boeing 737 MAX course to our schedule for 2024 🛫 The theory element will be delivered online while the practical course will take place on aircraft on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Enrolment is now open so head to our website today to secure your seat.

On-the-Job-Training (OJT) - your questions answered

Have you considered our OJT Programs as an alternative to a traditional practical course?

We’ve put together a simple guide to answer the most common questions about this great alternative training option. Read on for the first of three editions of our OJT – Your Questions Answered series 👇

Q1. Who is eligible to complete a QAC OJT Program?
(i) Unlicensed engineers seeking their first licence
(ii) Experienced engineers seeking first licence in another category. For example: B1 seeking B2, or B2 seeking B1
(iii) Experienced engineers seeking additional licence privileges, or removal of exclusions from their licence.
(iv) Experienced engineers seeking additional licence privileges, or removal of exclusions from their licence
(v) Substitute of POC – engineers seeking to achieve the practical requirements in lieu of completing the POC.
Q2. Where can I complete my OJT Program?
QAC’s OJT Programs can be completed at any Part 145/AMO or CAR30 approved organisation.
Q3. Can I complete an OJT instead of a Practical course?
Yes, an OJT Program can be completed in lieu of a traditional practical course. OJT Programs can also be paired with QAC’s theory courses to achieve a type rating. To read on further through our list of OJT FAQs, click the button below.

The wonderful world of Maintenance Engineering

In the ever-changing world of Aviation, where every take-off represents a culmination of careful planning, engineering prowess, and a dedication to safety, the role of Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs) stands out as indispensable.

The crucial role of LAMEs ensure that aircraft stay in optimal condition, guaranteeing the safety of passengers and crew alike. We took a closer look at what it means to be a LAME today. Hit the link below for a more detailed insight into the benefits of working in Aviation Maintenance.

Our first 737NG POC for 2024 has wrapped!

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped our first 737 NG POC for 2024. Congrats to our conscientious group of students who all completed the course successfully💪 We look forward to welcoming you back again in future!

To view our complete schedule of upcoming courses, head to our website where you can enrol online View courses >>

Training Instructor - accepting applications

QAC is currently seeking ambitious Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (LAMEs) who are contemplating a career in an Aircraft Type Training role. Prior experience as an instructor is not a prerequisite, and the right candidates will be provided the necessary instructor training and support.

Does this sound like something that would fit your profile and experience? If so, to learn more about this role or to submit your application, contact us at