Our Charter

The QAC Charter describes our purpose, our values, and how we measure our success.  It is the most important means by which we communicate who we are, what we do, and what we stand for as a Company and is the basis for most of our decision-making.

We are QAC, a leading global aircraft maintenance engineer training organisation.

Our purpose is to create long-term value through the development of training resources, and the provision of innovative customer and market-focused solutions.

To be prosperous and achieve real growth, we must:
• Earn the respect and trust of our customers, staff, suppliers and the industry generally by being honest and upfront in all our communications and delivering on our commitments consistently.
• Actively manage and build our portfolio of high-quality assets and services.
• Continually grow and advance Queensland Aerospace towards being a high-performance organisation in which everyone accepts responsibility and is rewarded for results.

We value:
• Safety and the environment – an overriding commitment to health, safety, and environment.
• Integrity – including doing what we say we will do.
• High performance – the excitement and fulfilment of achieving superior business results and stretching our capabilities.
• Win-win relationships – having relationships which focus on the creation of value for all parties.
• The courage to lead change – accepting the responsibility to inspire and deliver positive change in the face of adversity.
• Respect for each other – the embracing of diversity, enriched by openness, sharing, trust, teamwork and involvement.